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Today Media Solutions had a special guest visitor.  Reilly Pleau is visiting us today from University of Arizona where she currently attends. In part of her pursuit for business school, she is tasked with doing an externship for a day with a company of her choosing.  Lucky us it’s Media Solutions! Here’s alittle of “Getting to Know Reilly Pleau”.

Where do you go to school? University of Arizona

What are you studying in college? Pre- Business (Marketing)


Getting to Know Media Sol
Katrina Fruhmann

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Name: Katrina Fruhmann

Title: Media Coordinator/Junior Buyer


All About Debi Giorchino

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Name:  Debi Giorchino

Title:  Director of Media Services

Background:  Grew up back east, first NY then across the Hudson to NJ, after school did the drive cross country to Santa Monica, CA. Little culture shock but I’d visited LA before so I quickly felt at home until decided to do a test run to Houston Texas where everything is BIG! Gotta hand it to those Texans some have stomachs made on iron! That’s all I’ll say. Finally I found my way here.

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Leadership Team
Committed to your success

Humor is Carol’s favorite form of communication. She enjoys quick wit, and people who use it! A graduate of CSU Chico, Carol has over 25 years of experience in promotional marketing for retail accounts as well as numerous State Accounts.

Carol has an extensive background in promotional advertising as well as co-operative and vendor funding. Most recently Carol has been responsible for media planning and buying for a cellular service, several government agencies, and several health initiatives.


Political Advertising: It’s more than just TV time…
Media Solutions offers unique advertising strategies and placement for campaigns, large or small

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Typically, a U.S. consumer spends 25 hours each month engaged with Internet media, versus over 150 hours engaged with television according to the Television Advertising Bureau. In spite of this claim, it is undeniable that digital advertising will play a larger role in the 2012 election cycle than at any point in history.