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We Want It All, and We Want It NOW!


We are lucky to be living in an era where we can get instant gratification. This applies as much to making purchases as it does to obtaining information;  Cross-Platform has become my favorite way to shop and learn (yes, I am an Amazon Prime member), identify actors (I love IMDb.com), look up that fabulous hotel in Last Holiday (Trip Advisor), and so many other things.  I am often searching (Google) on my Ipad while watching TV on the big screen.

We also get a lot of instant gratification when it comes to media research; we have more tools at our disposal than ever before, with up-to-date, often real-time information! To research Cross-Platform and multi-screen use, Media Solutions subscribes to Rentrak. For those unfamiliar, Rentrak provides TV Measurement in hundreds of thousands of homes to accurately pinpoint viewing audiences.  It also combines third party consumer behavior information gathering all the “Big Brother” information you can imagine.  Rentrak also measures movie attendance. In a nutshell,  it’s a pretty cool research tool.  We could bore you to death with all the research we get daily with our subscription if you are interested in that kind of stuff, which I am, but I digress….

We get Cross-Platform reports weekly, and at the writing of this blog they are only available on a national scale (come on Rentrak, when will they be available by market?) Sports are always a great vehicle to insert your commercial, as viewers tend to watch them live, and the cross platform interaction is in the millions (3.3M for SportsCenter, 1.0M for NBA). A marketer’s dream!

Want to sell to a female audience?  Try Reality TV, specifically Bachelor or Housewives from anywhere!  Those shows are consistently garnering over 500,000 social media interactions.  Looking for men?  Try any James Bond Movie (Doctor No had over 500,000 interactions! Yay, I don’t get that but I am not the target audience).  Hispanic audience, any Telenovela will work!

On December 20th, Saturday Night Live ranked number 1 with social interaction at very close to 4 Million.  This was the show that featured Hillary Clinton in a bar scene sketch .  Any political candidate or proposition would have scored big with a commercial in that show and all the social activity that surrounded it!


Instant gratification, instant results…


Do you have questions about Rentrak? Head over to our contact page and send us a message, or send us an e-mail! We’re always excited to discuss the newest and latest research.

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