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A Strong Endorsement For Radio

When it comes to our daily media consumption, we’re creatures of habit. The first media that I consume every morning during my hour commute to work is AM/FM radio. I am a working mom with three school-aged kids, so my commute is an opportunity to relax and listen to my favorite on-air personalities and music without little voices asking questions. This is my time; I get it all to myself and there are no interruptions except for the occasional driver who cuts me off in traffic.  The stations that I gravitate to are 107.9 FM The End (Contemporary Hits Radio) and B92.5 FM (Today’s Country), and like so many others, they get my full attention for an hour every morning.

I’m not alone in this: according to Nielsen, Radio reaches 90%+ of Americans Weekly (Total Audience Report, Q1 2015). Radio is a mass medium that allows advertisers to reach their target audience through specific format selections. The combination of music, news, and on-air personalities provides a way to emotionally connect with listeners – a marketer’s dream! Radio is the #1 source of Music Discovery, followed by the #2 source friends/relatives (Source: Nielsen Music 360, 2015). Radio increases and promotes brand awareness, brand recall and reaches consumers closest to the time of purchase.

For instance, at 5pm on a Tuesday, there are times when I have no dinner plans for my family after a day at work.  On my way home from work, I hear the Papa Murphy’s advertisement for fresh, take and bake pizza for the 5th time in the last week, then decide to grab a pizza on the way home for my family. Papa Murphy’s consistent advertising campaign on my favorite radio station just helped me make my dinner decision because the right message reached me enough times, and then at right time.

On -air personality Endorsements are a more personal way of reaching attentive listeners and building brand awareness.   When we listen to our favorite on-air personality, we develop a personal connection with them as we relate to personal experiences that they share.  Since the on-air Personalities have already established trust with their loyal listeners, the products and services that the DJ’s endorse provide credibility.  DJ endorsements convey authentic experiences to listeners, which sets the product or service apart from other competitors.

The power of familiarity with the on-air personality whom we “know” and trust can impact our purchasing behavior.  According to a study by the University of Southern CA Annenberg School For Communication and Journalism, 75% of respondents reported that they turn on the radio because they know their favorite personality is on the air and 51% considered or purchased a product advertised during their favorite personality’s show.  Endorsements also extend beyond radio, reaching devoted listeners through social media.  Listeners are loyal and follow their favorite personalities on Twitter, Facebook, and blogs.  This is allows advertisers to increase both the reach and frequency of their radio campaign by leveraging digital assets.

My favorite on air personality is Katie from the Wake up Call on 107.9 FM the End.  I love her humor; it gets me laughing in the morning and I relate to her life as a mom.  I feel like I know her so well and we have never met in-person!


Are you looking for more information about the power of radio? Are you curious about how endorsements work? Send us a message or e-mail and we’ll be happy to provide you with more information!

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