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Today is Jenn’s 1 Year Anniversary!


Harley is our weekly friend at the office on Dog Friday. 

Name: Jennifer Franz

Title: Account Executive

Background: I started this fun world of advertising back at San Francisco State University where I majored in Radio and Television.  After an internship in college at the WB-20 in San Francisco I returned back to Sacramento and got my first paid job in media at CW31 and CBS13 working as a production assistant for the early morning news and Good Day Sacramento.  From there I was able to move up (literally a floor) from production to sales as a Local Sales Assistant.  After that I dabbled in a few things, Digital Sales Coordinator and then Internet Sales Director for both of the stations.  From there I took the leap into sales at KQCA My58 and sold for both direct and transactional accounts for about two years until making the most recent change – 1 year ago today – to working at Media Solutions!  Even though people say I look young I’ve been doing this media thing for almost 10 years now!

Years at Media Sol: 1 year today!

Accounts you work on: I work mainly on the state agency accounts, Office of Problem Gambling, Department of Behavioral Health and Human Services, CalPERS as well as retail accounts with Grande Communications and Best Care Treatment Services.

What was your first account/assignment at Media Solutions: The Office of Problem Gambling! It has become one of my favorite accounts the team I work with at OPG is a great group and I quickly learned all I could about the account – first things first was learning the flowchart.

What was your most memorable campaign: This year with OPG we recently launched new creative for “Don’t Ignore The Signs” which I helped to get through the creative process and then launch this March.

What was your first job in media? VERY first was the WB-20 Fan Van promotions team as an internship.  Otherwise it would be the production assistant position where I worked the cameras and chyron at CBS13.

What are you currently reading? I’m about to start reading The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks.

If money and time weren’t an issue, what passion would you pursue? I’d love to do something very crafty or be a travel guru and travel all over the world.  Host a travel show – who knows.

What’s the first thing you do when you get wake up and get home? When I wake up – I look for where my dog is so I don’t step on him or squish him.  When I get home – I’m greeted by my dog!

What’s your most favorite place you’ve traveled? So far I would have to say my favorite place would likely be Italy – Positano or Tuscany it was gorgeous.

What is your favorite restaurant in town? I love to try new places.  My new favorite even though I’ve only been just once for Valentine’s would be Biba’s! Their lasagna is to die for!

First song that comes to mind? Maroon 5 “Sugar”

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