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California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Prediabetes Awareness & Outreach Campaign

Goal(s) of the Campaign:  To educate and increase the awareness of pre-diabetes and encourage people to take the quiz for those at the highest risk for pre-diabetes in California.

Target Population:  English and Spanish speaking Californians, Ages 18+

Dates:  June – August 2020

Media Budget:   $1,664,852.00

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The Challenge:  Media Solutions was awarded the contract through CDPH with a team that could direct people to an easily accessible website to take a pre-diabetes quiz in their language and a media plan to get them there.

Media Campaign Strategy:  To develop and implement a media campaign targeted by select California locations that will create awareness for those at the highest risk of pre-diabetes. To reach people in their communities, in their language, and direct them to the website to take a pre-diabetes quiz.

The Media Plan Specifics:  Radio in four markets, Television in two markets, Out of Home in two markets, and Digital (including OTT and pre-roll video) statewide.  Advertisements for this campaign were in English and Spanish.

How Communication Goals Were Reached:  

We provided ongoing reporting throughout the campaign using a variety of research sources and software tools to thoroughly analyze the effectiveness of the campaign. Throughout the three month campaign, we made sure that the schedules we negotiated and purchased delivered at or above expectations, to ensure there were no surprises when we developed the final report at the end of the campaign.

We negotiated added value for all media, including live on-air interviews to highlight upcoming events and provide an opportunity to discuss the program at length and answer questions. In addition, we secured bonus spots and bonus impressions. We tracked each schedule to ensure everything aired as ordered and delivered in full. In addition to 8,783 television spots scheduled in the Sacramento and Fresno markets, 2,104 television spots were included free of charge. Added-value of exposure and impressions of nearly 40% through Radio, Out of Home, Digital, and Television totaled an extra value of $632,094 above the paid media spend.

Nearly half of California adults are estimated to have pre-diabetes or undiagnosed diabetes in the state of California according to a health interview survey conducted by UCLA from over 40,000 respondents in 2016. The three-month campaign empowered over 32,000 individuals to assess their risk of having pre-diabetes and take steps towards recovery with proven treatment options. 

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