Digital Media Services

Media Solutions is proud to deliver the most cutting edge and pivotal digital strategies to improve brand and marketing needs. We research and identify the behavior of the consumer to deliver the most optimal targeting possible through various digital mediums.

Digital Services Include:

  • Pre-Roll/In-Stream Video

  • Behavioral Display

  • Paid/Organic Search

  • Facebook + Instagram Advertising

  • Cross-Channel Remarketing

Our Digital Technology





Quality media at the best value

Your audience with unparalleled accuracy

Ad delivery where, when and to whom you want

Your success and duplicates the outcome

How We Target Audiences

Demographic Profile

Age, income, gender, education, and thousands of other traits


Geo-fencing by state, city, zip code, locations visited, plus others


Interests, purchases, reviews, social actions, and more behaviors 


Race/Ethnicity, language preferences, and other attributes 


Site/site-page, search based on keywords, look-alike audiences, and more

Analytics & Reporting

Data is power – that’s why our decisions are determined by cold hard facts. We provide analytics and detailed performing provided from our insights engine that measures and informs in real-time. We provide insights in everything from:

  • KPI Development

  • Metric Analysis

  • Tracking Integration

  • Demographics

  • Geography

  • Behavior Data

  • Daypart Data

  • Creative and Sentiment Analysis

  • Any Custom Reporting Suited to Your Needs!


Media Solutions is a premier coast to coast, media buying agency specializing in research, planning, buying and implementation for all media. Our main office is located in Sacramento, the heart of California government.

GSA Contract #: 47QRAA21D000G


541830 – Media Buying Agencies; Primary
541810 – Advertising Agencies
541870 – Advertising Material Distribution Services

541890 – Other Services Related to Advertising