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We Are Media Solutions.

Your Premier Coast to Coast Media Buying Agency.

Our Mission is to understand our clients’ goals and their stakeholders to develop a successful communications strategy.
We Value strong relationships with our clients and our media partners.
We Believe research leads to understanding, and understanding leads to success.
We Succeed when our clients achieve results.

We are Media Solutions...and the best solutions include everyone.

We value (and enjoy!) diverse perspectives and ideas, and we celebrate people who are every age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical and mental ability, and ethnicity. We’re in the business of reaching people with important messages, so we strive to be a good partner and listener to employees, vendors, contractors, and clients, because our job is to reach people “just like you.”

We are committed to building a company culture where differences are valued, equity is honored and there is always room at the table.

Ideas can come from anywhere and the best solutions include everyone.

Cynthia Metler.jpg

Cynthia Metler

Vice President 

Kelly Wheeler.jpg

Kelly Wheeler

Media Director 

Anna Schweissinger.jpg

Anna Schweissinger

Senior Account Executive

Debi Giorchino.jpg

Debi Giorchino

VP Client Services

Karyn Meyer.jpg

Karyn Meyer

Account Executive/Senior Media Buyer

Cindy Stewart.jpg

Cindy Stewart

Office Manager


Mira Patel

Project Manager

Jamie Hay.jpg

Jamie Hay

Junior Account Executive


Heidi Johnson

Senior Project Manager


Steven Abramowitz

Media Coordinator


Alysia Garcia Gurule

Accounting/Executive Assistant

Our Team

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