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Easy & Effective Small Business Holiday Marketing Ideas 


The Holiday season can make or break annual sales revenue for all business, especially small ones. With limited budgets and man power, Small business owners can find it difficult to break through the Holiday marketing noise. Media Solutions, prides ourselves with crafting effective and easy to implement campaigns for our clients. Below are some ideas that can add punch to your Holiday marketing without increasing your budget.

  • Festive Social Media Graphics
    You decorate your tree, your house, and even your dog! Why not decorate your social media profiles for Christmas with festive graphics, that promote the Holiday spirit as well as your sales and promotions.
  • Host or Participate in a Toy / Charity Drive
    The holiday season is the perfect time for cause marketing.  It’s important to remember those less fortunate than ourselves. Host or participate in a toy, food, coat or other charity drive and encourage customers to do the same. Advertise your participation on social media by tagging the charity that you’re working with and asking them to re-tweet or share the post for a greater impact. Participating with other local businesses for the benefit of children and less fortunate is a great way to drive traffic and get your business name into the community.
  • Get Personal
    Share pictures or stories of your family and holiday celebrations on your blog and social media. Do you have a favorite holiday memory that inspired you to open your business?
    What about a family recipe or tradition? Restaurants can share a cooking video or recipe, photographers can post their family Christmas pictures on Instagram or Facebook and encourage others to do the same. Personal trainers should encourage clients and potential clients to join them on holiday road races through social media.  Share your life with customers to engage them online!
  • Gift Guides 
    A gift guide is a great way to both assist customers with their shopping needs and marketing your products for the holidays. Start with a post or blog about in-demand gifts for moms, dads, kids and friends! Although the gift guide should include some of your products, the best way to sell your business is not to sell it at all. Instead showcase items that are related to your industry. Gift Guide for Golfer ( clubs, balls, gear, course certificates), Gift Guides for Music Lovers (head phones, music players, download gift cards), Gift Guide for Fitness Enthusiast (top rated running shoes, clothing, headphones, playlists)  people are always looking for gift ideas! Show your potential customers how helpful your company can be!
  • Send Holiday Cards
    Customers like to be appreciated. Send traditional or email Holiday  or New Year’s cards or to your customers / contact list. The key to marketing is keeping your business on the radar of customers, new or loyal, to keep your business top-of-mind. Offering special loyal customer discounts or simply wishing customers a Happy Holiday or Happy New Year is an easy way to get people to check out your website or store.
  • Holiday Tip or Product of the Day
    Using the 12 Days of Christmas theme, feature a tip or product of the day on your blog, website and/or social media. Fitness related businesses like personal trainers or health centers can give an exercise of the day to fight off gaining holiday weight. Home stores can offer a decorating tip of the day. Restaurants and bars can showcase a Holiday recipe or cocktail of the day. The holidays can be hectic for your customers the more organic and useful your marketing messages the more likely you are to win their business!

Whether you choose from these or go with your own ideas, creativity with a personal and genuine touch can boost your holiday marketing efforts without a big boost in your budget! Happy marketing & happy marketing, from your friends at Media Solutions!

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