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Ethnic Media Buying

When you’re looking to target your audience by ethnicity, Media Solutions provides the strategy and execution to deliver your message to diverse groups.

Because multicultural consumers are the youngest and fastest growing market in the U.S., especially with Hispanic, Asian, and African Americans, incorporating tailored campaigns that resonate is essential to your success. Research shows that this consumer group represents nearly $4 trillion in spending and each year the group is growing by over two million people.


Finding niche groups begins with a data-centric approach. Our comprehensive research facilitates this model. This, in turn, builds relevance through high returns tracked from action-taking results from people of color.


Recognizing that non-English speakers and English learners may prefer receiving information in their native tongue, we work to reach them directly with core client messages in alignment with their identity and cultural beliefs.


We are your advocate for your brand message, non-profit cause, or direct marketing campaign. Embrace the future with the vast growth of the changing marketplace and penetrate targeted communities of ethnic audiences that represent these amazing growth possibilities.

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