Your message is meaningless if it falls on deaf ears. We work with our clients and use our extensive research capabilities to determine who will be most receptive toward your message.

“Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.”
– Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Below are some of the industry tools we have at our disposal:

NIELSEN – NIELSEN allows us to make educated decisions about reaching the right audience. We  use the most recent books for any market we are buying to give us insight into a specific daypart, program, or station’s recent performance among our target demographic. Once a campaign has run, we use the new books to ensure the stations have all met their goals and ensure accountability.

SQAD – SQAD provides real, reliable advertising and media cost data based on market and quarter. SQAD is recognized as the industry standard media cost forecasting source for national TV, Spot TV, Hispanic Spot TV, Spot Radio, and even Digital! We use SQAD to see what others in the market are paying and use it as a starting point for any negotiations.

STRATA – STRATA is a powerful suite of planning and buying tools that allows us to closely monitor every aspect of a buy, from our planning metrics (reach, frequency, gross rating points, cost per point) to our fulfillment and monitoring (booking, posting, tracking).

RENTRAK – RENTRAK Allows us to pinpoint audiences based on the programming they watch, the lifestyles they lead, the way they vote, the cars they drive and the products they buy, for the industry’s most targeted approach to ad-buying.

NIELSEN SCARBOROUGH – Scarborough surveys more than 210,000 people across the country to capture consumer trends within specific markets. We use the seemingly endless details about local consumer shopping habits and media preferences; technology adoption and social media usage; demographics, voting patterns and more; Nielsen Scarborough local insight measurements go well below the surface of a specific consumer audience to reveal what matters most to them.

SNAPSHOTS – Snapshots is a compilation of local measures from the leading research providers designed to quickly inform and to facilitate further examination of the market. We get quick information about a market’s demographics, lifestyle, media, consumer, retail and general market information intended to identify what makes each market unique.

Web Analytics & Tracking

We regularly monitor various campaign metrics in order enhance, improve, and evaluate the success of a campaign. We track impressions, click-throughs, or actions (like purchases or form submission) and monitor the success of various creative, media, and through standard reporting metrics.

However, these often do not tell the whole story. Media Solutions can also track secondary metrics such as organic search traffic and spikes in direct site traffic to evaluate the awareness and recall of ads as well as site performance and engagement. We do this by generating small pieces of code for tools like Google Analytics or tracking pixels and instructing clients on how to place that code within their website pages to give us access to these secondary metrics.