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Knowing Your Audience

Forbes magazine talks about women gaining more and more power in an important segment traditionally linked to men:  car selection and BUYING.  I find this particularly interesting as last year I picked out my own car and negotiated the deal, for the first time in my life, all by myself.

My first car was picked out and bought by my father – the first time I saw it was in the driveway, the same day I first drove it. I bought my second car in my early twenties, again with my dad’s help, and this time cost was the biggest factor; I bought it used from a friend for what I thought was a great deal.  My next four automobiles were picked out, test driven, selected, and purchased by my husband.

Contrary to popular belief, I am not a victim of overbearing men in my life who dictate the cars I drive. I know what I want and need in a car – my non negotiable from my first car to my second was the addition of air conditioning – but until recently, I preferred to leave the process up to the people who enjoyed it more than I did.

My husband Frank love cars. He enjoys researching new models, trends in cars, speed; he has very definite color preferences.  So he planned the acquisition of my next 4 vehicles.  He transitioned us from a double income household with no kids demo (fast, smaller cars) to a family of four (SUV’s) and the vehicle selections accommodated those changes in lifestyle.

In 2014, the year Forbes magazine claimed “Women in Cars: Overtaking Men on the Fast Lane”, I test drove, selected and negotiated my own car for the first time in my life. As woman, 50+, I was mirroring what the demographic research was showing!

I like Lincolns, and after testing a number of models, I settled on the sporty MKZ.  It’s big enough to allow me to fulfill my obligations as a mom, but it’s also sporty and fun – something I wasn’t looking for, but definitely one of my favorite things about the car.

At the time, by purchasing a sportier car and a Lincoln, I thought I was different from the norm. But at Media Solutions, we’re blessed with tons of research tools, and we love to research, so I did a little bit of leg work! I discovered that recently tracked cars purchased by women and found that Lincoln had have the highest percent of sales change from shifts in female popularity at a substantial 28.2%.  Lincoln is over 10 percentage points higher than number 2, Porsche!

It’s truly important to know your demographic when you’re advertising a product. The message, media mix, and stations should all be determined by your target demographic, and it’s really important to get that target demographic right or you might be trying to hit the wrong people!

Maybe it’s not such a coincidence that Lincoln decided to feature Matthew McConaughey in their newest ad campaign. After all, he’s an attractive man – maybe they just knew their target!

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