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Communication Planning

We start with you. We discuss and learn all we can about your business and your goals.  We see ourselves as an extension of your company. So let’s get started!

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Media Planning

We explore & answer questions, identify a path to reach your goals. Utilizing our research and planning tools will help define the objectives, your competition, consumer consumption preferences and market conditions.

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Data Analysis

We use our in-house research capabilities to determine where best to reach the audience and make recommendations that can include, but are not limited to, traditional and digital media as well as new and emerging media.


Media Buying

We negotiate each medium by reviewing historical rates and current ratings. Recommend the best media mix and schedules, negotiate best positions and media costs with added value.

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Media Selection

With many choices today that continue to change, through research we define the right mix of media channels for your product to help your customers love and need your product. 

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We provide a complete final report tailored to your individual needs. A complete summary showing actual deliveries of all media. We look at performance vs plan, how effective was it? What would we change or add to the next campaign?


Campaign Maintenance

We monitor the schedules throughout the campaign and update if needed. We continue to ask for bonus spots or upgrades to further stretch  the budget, lengthen the campaign or boost the existing schedules. On a monthly basis the affidavits are electronically matched and cross-checked against our schedules to confirm. 


Digital Strategy

Every media plan always has a strong backing with digital media outreach.  We use a combination of high quality ads to optimize your message:  display, pre-roll, social, geotargeting and retargeting across multiple devices including connected television and OTT.  Media Solutions has the expertise to monitor various campaign metrics in order to evaluate the success of a campaign. 

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