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How We Do It.

Media Buying In California & Across The Nation

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To develop the level of understanding that goes into every one of our plans, we rely on an extensive amount of research. We gather this information from a range of sources to help determine who to target, the most effective media, and to establish a solution to meet all these requirements.

Quantitative data remains essential for negotiating, monitoring, and assessing media campaigns but we go way beyond numbers. Our planning process reveals the true picture of people’s lifestyles, shopping patterns, media behavior, and media choices.



If the first thing you hear from your agency is “how” they will execute and not the “what” or “why,” then your agency is skipping the most important step: strategy. For us, it’s about understanding why a client is communicating in the first place, what the real opportunities are, and how to get the best possible impact for your investment.

This is when we get into the details of “how” we will invest your budget. The buyer develops a plan including a description of the target audience, budget allocation, timing, markets, media to be used, and effective reach and frequency levels. It is based on estimated market costs and is approved first internally and then by the client.

Media Buying

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Once we’ve determined whom to target, the most effective media, and established a solution to meet all these requirements, we move into our buying phase. Our buys are a detailed implementation of our media plans, where we determine exactly where and when things will run. Putting together a media buy is like putting together a puzzle: our plan is the picture on the box we aspire toward; when we do a media buy, we work with every little piece to ensure everything fits together as a seamless whole.

We always go into negotiations well-researched and with an understanding of what will ultimately benefit the campaign objectives and increase exposure – that’s the collaboration part. Creativity comes from being able to transform a cookie-cutter offer into a tailored idea suiting client needs. Our staff is always solution-focused and open to new ideas our vendors bring to us.

We understand the importance of delivering maximum return on investment and we excel in this. We negotiate on a client-by-client basis, providing complete flexibility, and guaranteed cost savings.

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