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How Paid Media Works With Earned Media

If you ask someone in Public Relations what the most difficult part of their job is, there’s a good chance you’ll hear “getting the newsroom to pick up the phone.” That’s because even though our clients are the most important thing in our universe, the first priority for a newsroom is breaking news, and after that they’re being pulled in many directions with people pitching them on stories.

Public Relations involves countless hours spent pitching the media on worthy news stories, but what if there were a shortcut? Just like having a contact inside a company drop your resume on the HR manager’s desk ensures you’ll at least be seen, we have relationships with account executives, station managers, and sales managers. While the newsroom and sales departments are not intermingled, we get to avoid the hours of pitching and ensure a story or press release makes it TO the news desk by having someone internal walk it over

Public Relations and paid advertising use different methods to accomplish the same goal – awareness – and complement each other well. Paid Advertising bolsters PR efforts by increasing the reach and frequency of a campaign and creating additional opportunities for earned media through wider exposure! Paid media can also complement grassroots PR efforts by lending an additional legitimacy to a message or campaign, making people even more receptive to the great message our PR partners have crafted. A well thought-out cost-effective approach is essential to where and how a message appears within the new Paid, Owned and Earned Media framework. Marketing, PR and advertising teams need to work closely to establish credible content and establish a single destination for brands with many audiences, both internal and external.

Social Media is a perfect example: ideally, growth is organic, but sometimes you need a quick boost; other times Facebook’s algorithm accounts for reduced interaction and paid media can get you back in front of your target audience! With social media, marketing has become more of a pull medium than a push — the audience is active and engaged, transforming marketing into a two-way street.

We often develop partnerships with public relations agencies that need additional media quals that we provide – on top of media placement, we also do in-depth demographic and qualitative research and finely tuned media strategy!

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