Oct 07, 2016 Category: client


CalTeach was a state initiative devoted to increasing the number and quality of teachers in California by meeting a goal of 11,000 new applicants by the end of the year


Media Solutions ran a statewide campaign broken down into three components: (1) Overall campaign designed to promote teaching as a noble profession, (2) General market campaign targeting individuals who could enter the teaching profession immediately, (3) Ethnic campaign targeting the various diverse ethnic communities throughout California.

For the general market portion of the campaign, Media Solutions ran a media mix of Television, Spot Radio, Theater Slides, Magazines, College Newspapers, Business Journals, and Internet throughout California.

For the ethnic part of the campaign, Media Solutions placed over 970 ads in over 100 print outlets covering the diverse ethnic communities in California.  We ran radio and television campaigns in over 30 broadcast outlets covering various ethnic communities as well.  We further augmented this campaign with internet ads on the primary Latino sites in California.

The total media budget was 3.2M, which we parlayed to an additional 2.3M in free exposure.  (below are listed only the portions of the campaign where we were able to negotiate a substantial amount of PSA value)


  Paid Budget PSA Value Total Value
Television $408,342 $1,273,808 $1,682,150
Theater Slides $239,537 $90,502 $330,040
Radio $487,861 $934,100 $1,421,961
TOTALS: $1,135,740 $2,298,410 $3,434,151


Equals 200% over and above our paid schedule in PSA weight.


The Governor had given CalTeach a goal of 11,000 new people in the pipeline by the end of the year; Media Solutions more than doubled that goal to over 22,000 new applicants.