Department of Boating and Waterways

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Department of Boating and Waterways

Goal:  Inform boaters throughout California about the hazards of dumping waste and shore-side options for disposing of waste properly.


Tactics: Reach boaters at “top of mind” moments with “Frozen” Billboards (ice machines at the marinas), floating billboards, digital and targeted print, and QR codes and display ad links to the DBW website and “how to” video.

Results: Achieved an 8% increase year over year to boater awareness.

Alzheimer’s Association of Northern California

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Alzheimer's Association of Northern California Logo

Goal:  Attract the attention of those likely to participate in the Walk, and Donate to the Walk to End Alzheimer’s.  Inform audience about the upcoming Walks in Northern California, and to sign up.


Tactics: Using Radio and TV partners along with outdoor and digital placement we were able to leverage exposure not only in Sacramento, San Jose, Fresno and San Francisco, but also negotiate free additional rural market buys in Northern California.

Results: Increased walk participants by 15% year over year, and increased donations by 14%.  For every dollar invested we returned $1.83 in actual value.

Office of Traffic Safety

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Goal:  Increase awareness of the advantage of replacing an impaired driver with a designated driver.


Tactics: Mass media Campaigns statewide in California promoting “Designate a Driver”.  We used radio and pump toppers at the gas stations, and reminders in the convenience stores eyelevel in the alcohol section to have a plan.  We also added “Gorilla” marketing at Sport and Event venues to remind drivers that they need to have a plan to get home safely.

Results: Accident caused by Drunk Drivers continued to drop in California during the time Media Solutions ran the campaign.

Californians For Safety & Justice

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Californians for Safety and Justice logo

Goal: Increase presence and awareness for their cause and call to action to increase pledge efforts digitally.


Tactics: Ran a pre-roll campaign on various targeted sites and a Facebook ad campaign that drove traffic to Californians for Safety and Justice Facebook page along with the website where users could sign up to pledge support.

Results: Californians for Safety and Justice’s Facebook page went from 500 likes to over 22,000.

CHP – Have a Good Ride (HAGR)

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CHP – Have a Good Ride (HAGR)

Goal: increase awareness on issues such as riding under the influence, sharing the road and motorcycle safety and training.

Tactics: Ran a statewide campaign that targeted all key day parts and heavy commuter activity and behaviors. Media placement included early morning television, radio, Facebook and Waze navigation digital campaigns, digital pump topper video in LA, and both in-theater and outdoor-billboard advertising.

Results: TBA

CHP – California Motorcyclist Program (CMSP)

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Goal: Increasing the awareness of the CMSP and overall motorcycle safety to include: basic motorcycle rider safety instruction, motorcycle licensing requirements, rider safety equipment and riding and equipment laws.

Tactics: We reached motorcycle owners and intenders using statewide and marketing mediums including over the top (OTT) programing, Facebook ad campaign, search, behavioral display and video pre-roll digital campaigns, in-theater advertising, traditional radio and magazines. We also targeted periods of heavy motorcycle activity such as Memorial Day weekend, May as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and Ride to Work Day on the third Monday in June.

Results: Radio campaign overdelivered by 33%, with all paid media fulfilling initial goals. Statistics on number of CMSP signups, casualty and death rates to come.