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The Collaborative Process

We do a lot of research here at Media Solutions, and we love to discuss it, because research gives focus to what we do. We start with our research because it allows us to approach our projects with an educated perspective, and what we find guides our process. But research isn’t always cut and dry; we often need to dive deeper, create additional connections, and use our experience to fill in the gaps. This is where working with a group of collaborative people really shines, and collaboration is one of the things Media Solutions does very well.

As an Account Executive, one of my main jobs is to coordinate between what a client wants, what our research tells us, and what can often be a wide stretch of grey area in between the two. What makes that job exceptionably rewarding is the level of collaboration I get to witness.

We have a lot of perspectives, experience, and opinions here at Media Solutions. People aren’t shy about sharing them, but they’re not shy about listening either. What’s unique for me about working with this team is that people are just as quick to ask for an opinion as they are to offer one, because the goal is always to put out the best strategy we can for a client.

Sometimes we work together to finalize a plan; other times, we collaborate on a new recommendation to discuss with a client. There are times when people throw out ideas for peer review – sometimes, they’re validated, and other times, we come up with something even better! Sometimes, collaboration is a bunch of people sitting around a table, throwing out very different viewpoints, until we arrive at a solution we’re all comfortable with.

We also collaborate with our clients. There are times when a client doesn’t yet have a complete picture of what they’re looking for, and we’re able to work with them to complete that vision and move forward. Other times, our research or experience may disagree with what we originally thought, and we work with clients on our recommendations to reach a plan that everyone feels strongly about.

At Media Solutions, we’re a research-driven group. When our research needs a supplement, we have our experience and we have each other.

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