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Where Are My Peeps?

A look at media choices through the generations.

New interesting insights on media consumption were revealed by Nielsen Total Audience Report, released to their clients (that would include Media Solutions) just this month. The research takes a broad look at four generations — Generation Z, Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers — focusing on their profiles, and their behaviors across media platforms.

Even though I have spent more than half my life buying media, sometimes I like a quick reference of the birth years that make up these generations, so here is the “cheat sheet”!

Cheat Sheet-Lg

Why is it so important to understand the media habits of each generation? Because with so many options to gather our news, knowledge, and entertainment, each generation has its own individual way of seeking out their preferences. Gone are the days when you tried to speak to an audience of Adults 18+ on the same mediums and with the same message. Take a look at the new normal!

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Generation Z the largest generation (26%) of US TV Household Viewers spends only 2 hours with TV vs. Baby Boomers (24%) of US TV Households at almost 7 hours! Gen Z also spends less overall time with any medium. They will by far be the most changed by the time the next study is done!
Millennials (22% of US TV Households) are most likely to have multimedia devices and access to subscription video on demand. They will be harder to reach with traditional mediums. Non-Traditional methods on their Smartphones including YouTube, Snapchat and Pre-roll video are your strong reach mediums for the generation.
Overall time spent with media increases among older generations, driven by traditional television and radio.
Smartphone usage remains high across all generations, in fact Smartphone users spend Twice as much time with their phones than they do on their PC’s!

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